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Most Common Causes of Household Water Leakage

11/11/2020 (Permalink)

Household Water Leakage Img Credit: www.plumbers-edmonton.ca

Water leakage is a severe problem that causes significant damage to a home or building. Besides damage, it also contributes to wastage and organic growth. Unfortunately, identifying the causes of water leak in Vancouver are difficult to detect. Water leaks can form anytime and remain undetected until it starts to wreak havoc. Most of the time, leaks can form inside the pipework or damaged roof. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep inspecting the status of your home to keep it functional.

As a homeowner, you should know about various common water leakage causes in a household setting. The knowledge proves useful to identify any sign and take measures before becoming too burdensome and costly to handle. Some of the most common causes of water leakage in homes include:

  • Clogged Drains

One of the most common and neglected causes of water leak in Vancouver homes are clogged drains. Dirt, debris and strands of hair can cause the drainage system to clog and overtime, they burst or crack. Clogged drains, if left unchecked, create immense water pressure that strains the pipes and causes leakage. The leakage will slowly make its way into the foundations or walls and weaken the stability. Similarly, clogged drains on the roof can also cause a buildup of water to seep through any crack in the attic or walls. Follow regular maintenance schedules to identify any disruption in water supply and deal with clogging.

  • High Water Pressure

High pressure in pipes is also a leading cause of water leak in Vancouver homes. This usually happens when the water pressure goes beyond 80 psi. A home's average pressure level should be up to 60 psi, and pressure beyond that starts to cause pinholes in plumb lines. A household piping system cannot withstand too much water pressure, which usually occurs due to hot showers or the home's elevated location. Have your water regulated before the pressure causes your basement or toilets to become flooded. Have a professional restoration company look into the matter to help identify and regulate pressure buildup points.

  • Lawns

Lawns and backyards also become a cause of water leak in Vancouver homes as plants' roots can exert pressure on pipes. The pipes passing through basements can crack due to constant stress and cause eventual leakage inside homes. Unfortunately, you cannot identify when the roots of trees or plants in your lawns start to cause trouble. You have to keep the signs of potential leakage in focus and take precautionary measures if identified.

  • Ageing and Corrosions

Everything has a specific life span, and your water supply lines succumb to ageing with time. These plumbing materials start to suffer damage and cracks with time and cause water to seep through walls or make its way into foundations. Aged pipes are a common cause of water leak in Vancouver homes and need an immediate response if identified. Ageing pipes also suffer corrosion damage that causes unexpected flooding in basements or any other place.

Signs of Water Leakage

You need to keep some common signs in focus to identity potential water leak in Vancouver homes. You cannot determine the exact cause of leakage, but you can keep these signs in the notice and take necessary measures to handle them. Common signs are:

  • Presence of visible moisture in walls or ceiling that shows signs of potential leakage
  • Low or interrupted water supply that indicated clogging
  • Puddles of water in the basement that shows water has started to rise above the ground
  • Presence of mould or algae on ceilings or attic walls that indicates potential leaks in roof shingles, flashing or clogged gutters
  • Notice damp or wet floors that indicates a buildup of water in the floor or possible sewerage leak
  • If you smell foul odour someplace, you might have mould growth due to moisture buildup
  • If you notice cracks in the walls without any apparent impact source, the chances are that the leakage has started to weaken the walls

Dangers of Water Leakage

A water leak in Vancouver homes, if remain untreated; become dangerous to structural integrity and occupants. These effects include:

  • The constant presence of moisture and humidity encourages the growth of mould and algae that poses health issues if remain unchecked
  • Hidden water leaks inflate water and gas bills. Additionally, your air conditioner has to work hard due to constant humidity
  • Pests like termites and cockroaches make their habitat in moist areas. You will suffer pest infestation if you leave water leakage untreated
  • Leaking water makes its way into the foundations and weakens the stability of the structure

Final Word

A water leak in Vancouver homes becomes serious if you leave it untreated. The underlying causes of leakage remain hidden, so you have to look for signs to identify the problem. Call a professional to help you mitigate the issue and keep your pipeline intact.

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