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A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Basement after Flooding

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

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Have you experienced a flooded basement? You know the unbearable feeling that comes with this issue. Basement flooding can occur at any time, especially during springtime when snow melts and storms begin. Some other causes of basement flooding can include sump pump failure, storm sewer blockage, cracked piping or failed water heater tank. Whatever the cause of the issue, flooded basement cleanup is the solution homeowners need to undertake. Flooded basement not only feels uncomfortable, but it also increases humidity and moisture content inside your home. The moisture, in turn, encourages the growth of mold, rotting wood and becomes the breeding area for bacteria, jeopardizing the life of occupants. If you do not pump the water out promptly, then your carpets, floor, furniture and other possessions will suffer damage.

What to do?

Cleaning flooded basement is something that no person wants to experience. However, it can happen unexpectedly, so you have to remain prepared. If you experience wet floor or carpets, immediately check your basement. Chances are the water level has risen and has flooded the space. Your best solution here is to leave it for professional commercial cleaning services in Vancouver to handle.

Steps of Flood Water Removal

The process of flood basement cleanup and restoration consists of two phases: water removal and cleanup.

  • Removal of Flood Water

If your basement has a small amount of water present, then you can remove the water by yourself using vacuum pumps. Dump the removed water into drains. If you do not own a water removal equipment, you can have it rented. However, it is best if you leave work for professionals. They have the resources and expertise to clear and drain the water without any hassle. They also make sure the drains remain functions by removing any clogging.

After removing water, they start to dry the area with dehumidifiers or large fans to prevent mold or mildew from growing. Remember that every basement design is different, so removal and drying methods that work for one may not work for others. Commercial cleaning services in Vancouver assess the structural design first and then employ the technique accordingly.

  • Cleanup

After removal of floodwater, the next step is to commence cleanup. Carpets, upholstery and floor coverings in the basement soak water that does not dry out through traditional methods. The action requires excessive deodorizing and disinfection for cleanup. Microorganisms left behind by floodwater causes health problems and unpleasant odors. Professional cleanup services use necessary cleanup techniques to remove all surface contaminations, odors, stains and other issues.

  • Final Disinfection

Experts of flood basement cleanup commence final disinfection of the area after water removal, drying and cleanup. This step is necessary to prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

  • Clean the gutters, drains, downspouts to keep drainage to the maximum. Divert rainwater six feet away from your home and have the ground slightly sloping away from your home
  • Install a sump pump to remove the water automatically. Have the pump maintained and serviced regularly to keep it functional
  • Seal the openings or cracks in basement walls, floors, foundations
  • Install porous material all over the basement to absorb rainwater
  • Have the drainage system checked regularly and remove any clogging
  • Do not put anything down the drain or toilet that does not belong.
  • Avoid using too much water during heavy rainfalls for activities like laundry or showers. It might overload the drainage or sewer system
  • Install underground drain pipes to reroute the water further from your home
  • Have a flood control system installed between your home and city sewer system
  • Have a professional commercial cleaning service in Vancouver check the matter if you identify potential basement flooding

Safety Steps to Take If You Have Flooding

If you notice your basement has started to flood, you need to take some precautionary measures before commencing flooded basement cleanup. These include:

  • Immediately cut off the electrical power supply to the area by turning off the circuit breaker. Combination of electricity and water is dangerous for anyone entering in that area, so it is best to unplug anything that further increases damage
  • If the water level is low, then remove all the damp and wet material
  • Try to remove the water by yourself or call in professionals
  • Try to mitigate the issues that caused flooding to prevent it from happening

Potential Causes of Basement Flooding

  • Heavy rainfall or snow melting
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Clogged or blocked sewerage system
  • Improper sealing of basement walls and floors
  • Failure of the sump pump
  • Blockage of weeping tile
  • Location of your home with inadequate sloping
  • Leaks in basement piping

Final Word

Flooded basement cleanup is an activity that you need to commence immediately. If done promptly and carefully, it will save much of your belongings and protect the occupants. Call in professionals for the service for proper drying, cleanup and disinfection.

What Should You Know About Commercial Cleaning Services?

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial cleaning is the provision of cleaning utilities for commercial premises like businesses or offices. In both residential and commercial settings, we need thorough and regular cleaning to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. Commercial cleaning services provide us with cleaning facilities that meet the standard regulations maintained for commercial areas. Cleaning is also necessary to provide everyone with a safe and healthy workplace, free from diseases. Commercial cleaning is a term used for any company that offers a cleaning service for office and business settings. Various restoration companies in Vancouver offer cleaning services with expertise, skills, equipment and staff to carry out the duties.

Why Should You Hire Commercial Cleaning Services?

Various reasons can trigger the need for cleaning service for a commercial setting. Some of these reasons can be as mentioned below:

  • Reliability of Service

Commercial cleaning services have crews trained and skilled in carrying out the service for office settings. These services are reliable in terms of service and expertise to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. Attempting a cleaning task by yourself will always leave it incomplete due to lack of equipment and knowledge. Professional cleaning services in this regard are highly reliable in carrying out the services with ease.

  • Flexible Service

Everybody has a busy schedule in this busy time and allocating slot for cleaning activities is a highly unlikely facto to add in your commotion list. After a tiring day of work, you will be so tired that even the mention of cleaning task will become stress. Professional Restoration Companies in Vancouver will give you a time slot according to your work schedule, convenience and availability. The staff will arrive at your doorstep at the designated time, and you have the liberty to complete the cleaning task without hindering your schedule. 

  • Equipment Handling

Commercial cleaning services use appropriate cleaning equipment to complete the service the cleaning job. Use of proper equipment is a necessary element of a successful cleaning gig in any setting (commercial or residential). The crew is trained to handle the material with the utmost expertise, and they use cleaning agents the does not pose a threat to your health or environment as well as compromising the structural integrity. You will always lack the equipment and expertise to handle them if you attempt a cleaning duty yourself. The use and handling of proper equipment is another reason compels us to hire professional cleaning services.

  • Licensing

Professional restoration company in Vancouver like SERVPRO North Vancouver have the necessary license to practice their services. The license permits them to use the equipment, and they have insurance coverage in case of any damage done during cleaning duty.

Services Offered by Professional Cleaning Companies

Everyone wants to maintain a clean living and working environment, and in this matter, the best choice is to hire a professional Commercial Cleaning Company. They have the means and skills to carry out the service as promised, along with best cleaning solutions. Before you decide to spend your expense on a service that does not deliver you the quality you deserve, you should contact us instead for a quote, as we are a reliable company operating throughout Vancouver. Our cleaning services include:

  • Standard Maintenance

Restoration companies in Vancouver provide professional standard maintenance services for their valued clients. This cleaning category includes wiping of dusty areas, litter clearance, floor maintenance and emptying trash bins. These services usually have contracts every week and carried out of an off day where no staff member is present to give the service without hindrance.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also a service offered by cleaning companies that act as an essential cleaning solution. Restaurants, hotels, homeowners and offices usually attain this service, and the focus of this service is to make the place look tidy for anyone visiting. Commercial cleaning services offer this service to clean the carpets of dust that become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and microorganisms. Clean carpets mean the place has a healthy atmosphere as cleaners use particular purpose product that create no threat to the environment or health. Carpet cleaning breathes new life into the upholstery and clear pathogens and spore while prolonging the life of the carpet. There is nothing more delightful than a clean rug to reflect your cleanliness.

  • Sanitation Services

Restoration companies in Vancouver offer sanitation services for establishments like clinics, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants etc. who need to meet standards of operating. Sanitation is a necessary aspect of any commercial establishment, and for this, their best bet is to hire a professional cleaning service. They know the standards of cleanliness that such establishments need and can sanitize your property accordingly. Sanitation services also eliminate the threat of contamination by clearing the area of bacteria and harmful viruses.

  • Graffiti Removal

The professional image of any office or building comes to life due to the presence of graffiti that can turn off any business deal in progress. It gives an unprofessional impression to visitors or a client as well as reducing the value of a property. The need to hire a commercial cleaning service at this point is that graffiti is not easy to remove. Professional cleaners can use various removal material to clear the graffiti and retrieve the professional glory of the structure.

  • Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is standard in large office buildings or skyscrapers and is a service not everyone offers. Professional restoration companies in Vancouver like SERVPRO North Vancouver has the resources and expertise to carry out window cleaning services with the utmost consideration.  

  • Multi Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services have the expertise to take care of both commercial and residential jobs. There is not a very noticeable difference between them except for home and workplace setting. The cleaning crew employed by these cleaning services take special consideration in providing services to both types of clients. They provide various services like mopping, dusting, vacuuming, toilet and wall clearing with the utmost professionalism. They know the latest methods and techniques to give their client the quality of service that makes them the best service to consider always.

Types and Importance Commercial Cleaning Services

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial cleaning service means providing any premises, whether residential or commercial, with cleaning utilities. Our homes or offices need a clean and hygienic environment, and Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver provide us with excellent standards of cleanliness. Cleaning is also necessary because it keeps us healthy and away from diseases.

Commercial cleaning is a term used for any individual or company that provides cleaning services. There are various types of cleaning services offered by companies. These have expertise, skills, equipment, and staff to carry out the activities.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

There are various reasons to hire a restoration company in Vancouver or other cleaning services for cleaning jobs. Some of these reasons are:

  • Flexibility of Time

If you have a busy work schedule, then it is highly unlikely you can add cleaning to your commotion list. You might be so tired after your hard day that you will see cleaning as a burden. Commercial cleaning services in Vancouver give you a schedule designed according to your convenience and availability. The staff of any cleaning service will arrive at your doorstep at the given time. You can complete your cleaning activities without having to change your schedule.

  • Reliability

Cleaning services have crews composed of skilled and professional cleaners to carry out any cleaning job. These professionals can complete various cleaning jobs at any appointed time. Completing all the cleaning tasks by yourself will always be incomplete because of a lack of equipment and expertise. Commercial services in this regard are highly reliable in carrying out various cleaning jobs with ease.

  • Use of Equipment

Restoration companies in Vancouver and other cleaning services use appropriate cleaning equipment to complete cleaning tasks. Whether the cleaning is for commercial or residential settings, the use of proper equipment is a necessary aspect. Cleaning services use equipment and cleaning products that do not pose any threat to your health or structural integrity. You might lack some equipment when you try cleaning by yourself, and hence your job will remain incomplete. The use of proper equipment is another reason that makes cleaning services suitable to hire.

  • Insurance

Reliable cleaning services have insurance and license to use their equipment on your premises and take special care not to damage anything during their activity.

Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

If you want to maintain cleanliness, your best bet is to hire commercial cleaning services in Vancouver immediately. The experienced and skilled cleaning crew will deliver just as promised and offer you the best cleaning solutions. In case you have spent your hard-earned money on unskilled cleaners, you should ask for a quote from us, as we are a well-established cleaning company providing our expertise all over Vancouver. There are various cleaning services we offer, which includes:

  • Residential and Office Cleaning

As an expert cleaning crew, we have expertise in both residential and office cleaning. There is not much difference between the two other than home and workplace settings. The cleaning crew takes special care in providing sincere cleaning service to residential and commercial customers. They work in flexible hours, and the kind of cleaning includes dusting, mopping, wiping toilet cleaning, and vacuuming.

  • Standard Maintenance

Restoration companies in Vancouver also provide standard maintenance services to their clients that cover wiping dusty places, clearing the litter, and emptying waste bins along with floor maintenance. This service usually gets a weekly or monthly contract.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also a service that cleaning companies offer and is an essential cleaning solution. Hotels, restaurants, and offices, and sometimes homeowners usually take this service. The focus of this service type is to ensure that the home or workplace looks clean and tidy for visitors. This helps to maintain a healthy environment by clearing the carpets and other upholstery of germs and dust. Cleaners use unique products on a carpet rather than vacuuming to eliminate dust, stains, or spores and other pathogens present. Carpet cleaning breathes a new life and prolongs its life without the need for replacement. Nothing looks more delightful than a clean carpet at home or office that reflects your cleanliness.

  • Sanitation

Establishments like clinics, hospitals, restaurants, and kitchens must meet specific sanitization standards to remain operative. If sanitation is a necessary aspect of your establishment, then hiring commercial cleaning services in Vancouver is the best option, as they know the methods to sanitize your premises. Sanitization services also eliminate the threat of contamination later on while keeping the area free of germs and bacteria.

  • Window Cleaning

This type of cleaning service is common in commercial settings like offices, shops, or skyscrapers and is a service; not every cleaner facilitates. So, it is highly recommended to hire professional Restoration Companies in Vancouver for the job. Their specialized crew and skilled experts are well equipped to complete the job with the utmost consideration.

  • Graffiti Removal

The presence of graffiti can give a commercial setting a lousy impression and turn off any ethical dealings in progress. This also affects potential customers, tenants, and applicants and reduce the value of your property. Another problem with graffiti is that it is not easy to remove. This makes commercial cleaning service in Vancouver the best option for removal services.

Importance of Cleaning Services

At both home and office, regular cleaning is a necessary factor to maintain a healthy environment and keep the area tidy. An adequate standard of cleanliness for a healthy lifestyle (residential) or required by regulations (commercial). Hiring the services of restoration companies in Vancouver for cleaning is essential for places where guests and visitors are frequent. The importance of commercial cleaning lies in taking a different approach to cleanliness. Businesses need to maintain a clean environment for their employees or homeowners for their families.

Staying clean and keeping, a tidy living/working area is the key to promote your image of a healthy and clean individual who has their priorities set straight. That is why cleaning needs to be a frequent activity for everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle free from diseases and illness.